Introduction to Agile Workshop

Agile methods can be applied to any kind of development or change effort. They can help organizations in volatile and uncertain environments to survive and excel.

Agile is a simple yet incredibly powerful set of principles and practices that help teams deliver products, services and even organization changes in short cycles, enabling fast feedback, continual improvement, and rapid adaptation to change.

This workshop is for technologists, IT and other product development specialists, who want to discover how to apply agile to their projects.

This workshop will enable you to determine which projects can benefit from agile methods and how to quickly set up an agile team. Participants will be introduced to the basic principles and intentions of Agile project management and recognize the mindset and benefits of this approach.

Core Concepts

Issues with Traditional MethodsDiscussion - Issues with projects
Why we are moving away from waterfall for many project types?
Activity - Traditional Product Development Project
Why Agile?Benefits of Agile
Activity - Agile Product Development Project
Agile Framework
What is a Release?Product Roadmap & Release Themes
Activity - Release Themes & Roadmap
Release Planning
Activity - Work Selection & Rough Effort Estimates
What is a Sprint?Sprint Planning
Sprint Reviews
Sprint Retrospectives
Daily Stand-ups and visual tracking tools
Activity - Daily Stand-up (Timed Simulation)
User StoriesWho are the users and what do they value?
Good and bad metrics of value
Activity - Write User Stories / Identify Value
Getting work "Done"Prioritizing User Stories by ROI
Activity - Evaluate and Prioritize Features
Real Agility - Drop, Add and Re-prioritize features
Activity - Identify decision making criteria for Dropping, Adding, and Prioritizing
Determining the Definition of Done (Factors influencing)

Real Business Results

By completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Improve quality and customer satisfaction through collaboration with customers.
  • Deliver value to customers better and faster than traditional methods.
  • Quickly adapt to uncertainty and change
  • Use minimum viable products to quickly test new ideas.
  • Increase performance and engagement across teams.
  • Streamline internal end-to-end processes.

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