Feedback Workshop


​New leaders are expected to manage themselves, their part of the business, and the performance of their direct reports. Without training or experience, managing the performance of others can be one of the biggest challenges.

The workshop covers: the complete performance improvement cycle as well as the feedback and communication skills that support such action.
During the course, the participants will practice the skills and process using realistic case scenarios so that even the most difficult conversations can be faced with confidence.


Core Concepts

Introduction to Feedback• Why Give Feedback? Who benefits from feedback and how?
• General rules for giving feedback – time, place and content.
• General approach to feedback.
GROW Model• GROW Model of Feedback
• GROW Questions
• GROW Practice
Feedback Conversations• Feedback conversations from beginning to end
• Techniques for building rapport in a feedback conversation
• Starting with praise, rather than criticism
• Explaining your objectives
• Asking the right questions
• Follow up questions for moving to resolution
• Uses of active listening and paraphrasing in feedback conversations
• Positive / Motivational Feedback
• Corrective / Developmental Feedback
• Using GROW questions to guide the person to a solution
• Real SMART Objectives - Setting Goals and Timelines
• Options for Closing the Discussion
• Getting Commitment to Improvement
Adapting your Approach• Understanding the Team Member: Skill / Will Matrix
• Coaching Styles, Management Styles - Using Push/Pull Styles
• Adapting Your Approach to the Person and Situation
Difficult People• Using the 2 Minute Challenge to Change Bad Habits

Real Business Results

By completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of giving feedback as a Performance improvement technique.
  • Recognize the benefit to the Manager, the team member and the company.
  • Use the GROW model to plan and guide feedback meetings easily.
  • Set goals and objectives using the SMART framework.
  • Have open 2-way discussions to develop and motivate your team members.
  • Develop team member’s skills and interactions.

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