Emotional Intelligence at Work


​EI (Emotional Intelligence, or Emotional Quotient) is a term often used in leadership development. But what is it and how do you develop it? In addition, what work-based competencies will you need in the future, and do you know if you have them?

This program is about being able to understand where you are now regarding your EI and other related competencies, and working out how to develop them.

Leaders especially need a better understanding of themselves and others.

With this understanding, strategies can be put in place to maintain a positive mindset, manage stress, build positive relationships with colleagues and deliver better results in a shorter period of time.

Self AssessmentIn advance of the program, participants will complete an assessment to evaluate their own EI competencies compared to a global standard
Understanding EICompare different models of leadership
The components of Emotional Intelligence and their importance
Steps for self-awareness
EI: Managing the SelfExplore different aspects of self-awareness on a personal basis
Personal values and beliefs and how these impact on behaviors and reactions
Personal orientation and communication style
EI and your own competencies
EI: Managing OthersUnderstanding others: Discover two proven techniques for increasing EI when it concerns others
Managing others with high EI: Use a toolbox of methods to manage others with a higher degree of emotional intelligence
Personal CompetenciesThe current reality – your personal competencies as assessed using a psychometric tool
Envision the future – the competencies required for the future
Plan for the future – a personal road map for competency development
Organizational CultureInvestigate organizational culture and personal fit to different organizational cultures.

Real Business Results

By completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how he or she currently demonstrates Emotional Intelligence behavior in the workplace
  • Be able to intelligently apply Emotional Intelligence in the workplace
  • Know what he or she needs to do in order to increase the use of Emotionally Intelligent behavior in the workplace
  • Have a better understanding of oneself and others
  • Know what their current competency set is and what they need to develop
  • Be more aware of how they react and what they can do to control themselves
  • Develop a leadership roadmap

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