Developing Personal Resiliency


​Resilience is a crucial ingredient to a happy, healthy, and productive life. It's what determines how well and fast we recover from setbacks.

Resilient individuals believe that they can influence the outcomes of events by their way of thinking (control), they believe that what they do is important (commitment), and they assess stressful events as challenges to master (challenge) rather than as threats to their well-being.

A resilient view is characterized by accurate and flexible thinking. It utilizes creative problem solving, the capacity to see other points of view, to challenge one’s own views from bigger perspectives, and move on with daily life despite obstacles. Most importantly, resilience is not just an ability that we’re born with, but a skill which anyone can learn and improve in order to succeed in both their work and personal lives.

Core Concepts

Self AwarenessGain self-awareness around our own interpretations of adverse events.
Detecting Thinking TrapsExamine your thinking patterns when they become counterproductive and out of touch with reality, undermining performance and hardiness.
Identifying Critical Belief SystemsIdentify underlying beliefs about how the world should operate and how you feel you must operate within that world.
Challenging Belief SystemsAnalyze your personal belief systems around common types of adverse events.
Look for alternative causes and healthier responses.
Re-framingRealign your beliefs to reality.
Self MasteryApply methods of calming down both physically and mentally.
Active ResilienceBuild optimism by proving your negative thoughts false with evidence, thinking optimistically, and putting the situation in perspective.

Real Business Results

By completing this workshop, participants will:

  • Increase their awareness of the relationship between their thoughts and reactions, both in emotions and in behaviors
  • Gain insight into their beliefs and deep-held values when things go wrong
  • Look for alternative beliefs when you are experiencing debilitating emotions
  • Eliminate harsh self-criticisms and negative self-images
  • Navigate through the fallout of any kind of crisis
  • Cope with loss and anxiety
  • Overcome obstacles in relationships on and off the job
  • Achieve greater physical and mental health
  • Increase optimism, take chances, and embrace opportunities

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