Change Management Workshop


​Many organizational changes fail to deliver on expectations not because of a lack of technology or skills, but because of a failure to address the people side of change.

A lack of stakeholder impact analysis, communication for buy-in, and transition management from current state to the desired future state, are some of the root causes.

This workshop addresses these issues and provides a logical and reusable framework and roadmap for leading successful change projects.


Core Concepts

Introduction to Change Management• What Is Change Management?
• Overcoming Common Obstacles to Change
• What Change Looks Like – Building a Change Timeline
• Change Management Framework: The Complete Process for Successful Change
Kick-off the Change Management Process• Define your change and the reasons why this change is needed now
• Develop a clear and compelling vision of the future state
• Identify goals, objectives, success criteria and KPIs
• Build a leadership team of change sponsors
• Conduct PMT resource planning
• Identify the major stakeholder groups who will be affected
• Conduct a change impact assessment
• Check alignment of the change with organizational strategy
• Consider external factors that may impact the change
• Evaluate organizational change capacity, culture and readiness
• Assess communication needs, channels, and capability
• Assess learning capabilities inside the organization
• Conduct a change project risk assessment
Prepare for the Change• Develop strategies for: communication; executive sponsorship; and stakeholder engagement
• Build a persuasive case for change and plan life-cycle communications
• Plan how to mitigate change impact and increase change readiness
• Create an L&D program
• Develop metrics and system to assess benefit realization
• Develop the reinforcement and sustainability plan
Develop the Change Management Plan• Develop a comprehensive change management plan
• Integrate change management and PM plans
• Review and approve the change plan
• Develop feedback mechanisms to monitor performance
Execute the Change Management Plan• Execute, manage, and monitor implementation of the change management plan
• Manage stakeholder engagement over the project lifecycle
• Modify the change management plan as necessary
Reinforce and Sustain the Change• Evaluate the outcome against the original objectives
• Reinforcing the change; managing the human factors Impacting the ROI
• Continuous improvement activities; Using KPIs and measurement to track and improve the final result
• Embedding the change into the organizational culture and processes
• Conduct lessons learned evaluation and develop internal best practices
• Obtain final approval, transfer ownership, and release project resources

Real Business Results

By completing this workshop, participants will be able to:

• Understand why many change projects fail to deliver satisfaction
• Develop techniques and tools for measuring stakeholder needs
• Communicate the business case for change to maximize buy-in
• Plan change projects that consider both technical and human issues
• Deliver sustainable business results
• Measure and communicate successes to build satisfaction
• Make adjustments to adapt to the realities of the workplace
• Help to embed their change projects in the organization’s culture

This course is aligned with the Association of Change Management Professionals® (ACMP)

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