Customized Learning Solutions

Every company or organization has its own unique challenges and objectives. So our Customized Learning Solutions team can work closely with you to ​understand your training needs and goals.

Together, we will develop a learning solution that can include instructor led training, blended learning, coaching, gamification, assessments, action learning, performance support and more.

Development Process:



​Meet with customer program manager to ​hear goals, objectives, target participants, budget, and schedule.



​Analyze the ​working environment, processes and tools. Understand the learner's ​current knowledge, skills & behavior, and the business challenges they face.



​Select assessment instruments, exercises, & training content. Perform subject matter analysis, plan lessons, and select audio-visual media.



​​Create and assemble new content (workbooks, videos, slideshows, e-learning modules, activities and games.



​​Prepare facilitators and register learners ​for the program. Deliver ​the training program, with professional, experienced facilitation.



​​​Evaluate the program, ​against the original learning objectives (Using both exit surveys and work performance ​measurements). Modify program as required.

​Informal Learning Solutions

​At Innova Solutions, we believe that allocating more time and resources to experiential, applied learning produces better talent development and better business outcomes.

The instructor was great! He made the experience enjoyable. His real life experience contextualized the course content well. He brought life to the material.

J Flynn

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