Assessment Centers

The selection and development of executives, managers, and other key personnel or 'high potentials' has long been conducted on a fairly haphazard basis, relying on the experience, hunches and biases of decision makers in organizations.

A properly designed assessment center provides a wide-ranging, multi-dimensional and more objective assessment methodology, giving higher validity than typical methods, and with additional motivational benefits to participants.

The assessment center approach is widely recognized as one of the most powerful ways of assessing candidates as it accurately assesses an individual against specific competencies by measuring observed behavior. Research has consistently shown that an assessment center, coupled with psychometric and aptitude assessment, is more accurate at predicting success in a particular job role.

What is an Assessment Center?

Assessment Centers are an important tool as part of the decision making process when companies need to decide who to promote into the next level of leadership or to select for an important assignment/position, or even who to recruit. They can also help when deciding in whom to invest development resources and time.
Trying to predict future job performance in a new role based on current performance is risky: many promotion and selection decisions are taken on the basis of subjective or intuitive opinion. The Assessment Center methodology enables trained consultants to accurately and efficiently assess the potential of the candidate for a particular position; and gives you valuable information about how the candidate

How Does it Work?

The center uses a mixture of integrated exercises designed to generate behavior similar to that required for success in a target job. These behaviors are then measured objectively over the course of the assessment center, using a number of trained assessors to ensure consistency. In addition, trait-based psychometric assessments are used to screen or to give input into competency based interviews.
The output of the center is high quality data and decision-making information which can be utilized for screening, hiring, promotion, or development. In addition, participants can be given feedback for their own personal development.

What Are the Steps Involved?

There are several steps in designing and running an effective assessment center, all crucial. Our experienced consultants work closely with you to design and run the center based on your specific needs. We provide state of the art, customized assessment centers for your recruitment and development needs.

Results of an Assessment Center

On the client side, you will have an accurate assessment of which participants are most likely to succeed in a specific role, and what the development needs for each participant are.
For the participants themselves, they will have gained insight into their own competency strengths and weaknesses, have experienced what the new role entails, and will have a better understanding of their psychometric make-up.

Example Applications

Executive Assessment
• A half-day session using one consultant to assess an individual candidate – when speed, budget and flexibility are of the essence.
Assessing for Technical Customer Service Roles
• Designed to help organization identify people suitable for technical roles in customer service. The goal is to identify those who are ready and those who may need training and development.
Assessing for Development
• Designed to help organizations gather groups of people for leadership development at each level of the organization. The aim is to assess individuals who will be ready to move to the next level in 1 – 3 years.
Assessing High Potentials
• Designed to help organizations identify individuals with high potential and learning agility – who might be expected to move quickly through the organization and be given high-profile, demanding assignments.
Assessing for Global Assignments
• Specifically designed for Japanese companies looking to send staff abroad for key international assignments.

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