Assessment Solutions

Why invest in Assessing Your People?

Hiring the right people and putting them into the right jobs drives performance, engagement and productivity.

We have the tools and techniques to help you to evaluate candidate skills  and predict future performance.

A well-designed competency framework and assessment methodology will give you the confidence that your high value projects are in the right hands.

How we help clients

Global Project Leadership Assessment

Project management isn’t just about planning and scheduling work. It’s also about the ability of the project leader to motivate the project team, build relationships, manage diversity and cultural differences, and sustain the performance of the team throughout the life of the project.

PM Team Assessment

Working together with your PMO, we will design a competency model for all the key roles and levels of your project management organization.

Our team of consultants will conduct a complete assessment of each member of your PMT, based on your organization’s competency model, and then create a talent development plan that will gradually and predictably raise the skill level and performance of the whole project management organization.

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