Informal Learning Solutions

“Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.” Confucius

At Innova Solutions, we believe that allocating more time and resources to experiential, applied learning produces better talent development and better business outcomes.

So while we do provide formal instructor led learning solutions, we also work with our clients to support peer learning and informal, on-the-job learning.

70-20-10 Implementations




We now know that 70% of workplace learning happens on the job, 20% comes through our peers and manager and only 10% comes from the classroom, but how can we make the whole 100% work together as an integrated whole? Our team of consultants will help you design and build an organizational culture that is a continuous learning culture. To do this we help workers develop a core set of flexible skills so they can successfully navigate today’s on-demand information environment.

In other words, we provide new ways of learning for new ways of working. What is required is people with the ability to search and find answers, think critically about information, create new ways forward, analyze complex problems, make decisions based on available information, and collaborate with the right people to get things done.


Performance Support

Classroom training and e-learning cost money and time — which impacts your company’s performance and productivity. The truth is that most people learn by doing. Studies have shown that participants forget 90% of what they learn in training. In order to “learn by doing” participants need after-training support that’s contextual, just-enough, and ready when they are.

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