Agile ​Consulting ​

Why invest in Agile Methodology?

​Today’s fast-paced world needs alternatives to traditional frameworks and delivery approaches. To cope with constant change, agile methods can help your organization become more flexible.

​The Agile methodology promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery and continuous improvement and encourages rapid and flexible response to change. Organizations are recognizing that customer and user expectations can actually be exceeded by using this powerful methodology.

​"Stop Starting, Start Finishing" 

​Sterling Mortensen

​What does an Agile Organization Look Like?

​​Learn by Trial & Error

​Agile organizations design experiments to find the best way forward.

​Cross-Functional Teams

​Agile ​teams include the customer or end user as a key role - for instant feedback on prototypes.


​Agile ​teams ​start fast and change fast - they have the authority to make their own decisions.

​Deliver Value Quickly

​Agile ​​organizations are totally ​obsessed ​with fast delivery of customer value.


​Agile ​teams are constantly prioritizing - moving things up, moving things down and dropping things as they develop their products.

How we help clients

​Roadmap to Agile

​Conversion to Agile does not happen overnight – there are a series of small, incremental changes that need to be planned for and executed.
And not all organizations will be able to fully apply Agile methods to all the projects in their portfolio. Often a hybrid approach to portfolio management is best.
We can help you to plan the logical milestones along the way and identify a reasonable stopping point.

​Transition to Agile

​Doing Agile effectively often has an impact on the organization and the culture, as it is about changing how the organization achieves a goal.
The Agile consultant /coach will educate and support key players as the transition moves ahead.

​Management Awareness Sessions

​Management often thinks of Agile as a magic bullet. The reality is that Agile projects have to be set up, resourced, contracted and managed in quite different ways than traditional waterfall projects. This requires the understanding, support and commitment of management at all affected levels.
We can design and deliver communications for management to understand what needs to change in terms of people, processes and tools to get Agile working properly.

​Tools Optimization

​Our experienced Agile practitioners would review and produce a fit and gap analysis of the current tools and processes for usability on Agile projects.
Most waterfall tools would need to be adapted or replaced with something substantially different. We can make recommendations to produce new tools and templates.
We can also provide support with setting up and using the most popular Agile tools that are currently being used. For example, many people use JIRA, but use it badly, so that it does not produce good results.

​Project Evaluation

​Not all projects should be run using Agile methods. However, almost all projects can benefit from applying a higher degree of agility.  And Agile can be applied to non-IT projects with excellent results.
We can develop an assessment tool for evaluating the projects in your portfolio against a set of criteria and determining the safest degree of agility for each.
Agile project assignment matrix – after the degree of agility is determined for the project, the right people need to be assigned. So we would also define the preferred skill-set for each category of project.

​Skill-Set for Agile Leaders

​Skilled and experienced leaders of Waterfall projects are often expected to lead an Agile project with little guidance or support, but the skills are not always transferrable from one to the other.
In fact, the waterfall approach’s process-heavy methodology enables project managers with poor interpersonal skills to survive and thrive, while Agile’s heavy dependence on collaboration quickly exposes the weaknesses in their skillset.
Our Agile coaches will help these professionals develop the necessary skillset and help them navigate through various processes and practices, while developing the required interpersonal skills.

​Skill-Set for Agile Team Membership

​Agile methodologies require a different skill set from that of Waterfall.
Our Agile coaches will work with teams on the job to develop the Agile mind-set as well as collaboration skills to help the team, the Scrum Master, and the Product Owner to execute effectively.

​Agile Competency Framework

​We will help to develop an Agile competency framework and full set of assessment criteria to plan both talent development programs and select the right leaders for the right projects.

​Pilot Project Planning

​Most organizations run a few pilot projects to test Agile as a method and extract the lessons learned for the future. However, most of these pilot projects are set up without any experienced Agile practitioners, so they inevitably run into problems and Agile gets a bad reputation.
We can help set up a pilot project and provide on going on-site or off-site support to ensure that the experience is a valuable one.

​Project Support and Health Checks

Just because your teams and software are up and running, does not mean they are running as they should.
We will assess your methodology gaps and work with you to fill them in.

How are we Different?

  • Hands on experience planning and leading agile development projects in various industries - IT, Automotive, Design, Telecom, etc.
  • Experience managing implementation of large, complex and distributed agile projects.
  • An established training and coaching program: to develop your own in-house expertise while we deliver on site consulting services.

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