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​Business Transformation Solutions

Does you have the experience and time to plan and manage a business transformation?

​​Our transformation team has a proven methodology for planning and leading business transformation projects that deliver results. We can help you establish your vision and get buy in from the whole organization. And we will guide you in producing a coherent and fully integrated transformation plan.

​Project Management Solutions

Do your projects deliver as planned?

​​Our project management consulting team ​delivers capability-building solutions that are both effective and cost-efficient. Our team has the experience to help bring your high-priority project to successful completion. And ​we can mentor your personnel through the process of adopting a more structured PM approach.

​Learning Solutions

​What ​skills do you need?

​Our ​learning solutions can help your organization to develop skills, change behavior, and improve performance in order to deliver real business results. Our training professionals can deliver proven off-the-shelf programs and workshops, or we can create unique talent development solutions using the latest learning and development methods and technologies.

Human Capital Development...

​Learning Solutions

Innova Solutions designs and delivers ​customized learning experiences, ​direct to your company, ​​to help you achieve more.

Local Language.  Local Facilitators.  Global Experience.


​Core Programs

Action Learning

​​Fully Customized for You

Project Management Solutions

​Project Management ​Solutions

​Project Management

Do your projects deliver as planned?

​Agile ​Project Management

Do you want to increase customer satisfaction?

​​Risk Management

​​How much risk can you live with?

​Business Transformation ​Solutions

​Business Transformation

​How do you want to change?

​Business Agility

Are ​speed and resilience important?

​​Digital Transformation

​Do you have the ​know-how for digital?

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